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Diana F+ Sahara Kit

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Get ready for an exotic analogue adventure like no other with the Diana F+ Sahara. Adorned with pyramids and palm trees and packed with all the fantastic Diana features you love, this medium format beauty is just the inspiration you need to start your own Lomographic journey! With two shutter speeds and possible image formats, the Diana F+ Sahara gives you plenty of creative paths; and those looking to experiment on their trip are rewarded with easy multiple exposure and pinhole functions!

  • Lomographic Oasis: Take a break from your usual photographic ways and explore a new analogue landscape with the Diana F+ Sahara. Wrapped in leather printed with glorious images of the desert, this camera is perfect for carefree and adventurous picture-takers.
  • The Dreamy Diana Look:The Diana F+ lens creates dreamy, lo-fi photos on 120 film. You'll get soft-focused images with beautiful vignettes on the edges.
  • Choose from two Shutter-Speeds:N for normal (daytime/flash) or B for long exposures (indoor/nighttime).
  • Two Image Sizes Available:12 full-frame square shots (5.2 x 5.2cm) or 16 smaller square images - (4.2 x 4.2cm).
  • Easy Multiple Exposures:With its uncoupled advance and shutter, the Diana F+ allows you to shoot as many times as you want on the same frame.
  • Perfect Pinhole Function:Unscrew the lens and experiment with pinhole photos for a completely new shooting experience.
  • Shutter Lock and Tripod Thread:Lock the shutter open and attach a tripod to shoot steady long-exposure photos.
  • Flash Included:The Diana F+ package includes the Diana+ Flash; retro-looking and ultra-cool, light up your shots and use the color filters to splash your photos with crazy tones.
  • Package Includes
  • Diana F+(Sahara)
  • Diana F+ Flash
  • Matching Leather Case
  • Book
  • 1 free colour 120mm film

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